State of the Art Chemistry Laboratory of Vidya Vihar Institute of Technology, Purnea
  • To be a leading department in chemistry, delivering quality teaching, research and community services. The chemistry department is committed to excellence in chemistry through providing a conductive environment for teaching and learning in applied chemistry. It will achieve this through continuous modernization of its programs to be internationally competent and to satisfy Indian Industrial need of skilled manpower. It will provide service and support to our community. It will also ensure an environment for teamwork and successful organizational practices.
  • To integrate modern teaching/learning methods into the curriculum.
  • To avail for faculty the latest instructional technology tools.
  • To incorporate Indian Industry face book into the curriculum.

Faculty Profile (CHEMISTRY)

Name Designation Qualification Area Of Research ACHIEVEMENTS
Dr. Amiya Shekhar Assistant professor (HOD) M.Sc., Ph.D Organometallic Chemistry/ Organic Synthesis 3 yrs teaching experience


Name Designation Qualification Area Of Research ACHIEVEMENTS
Dr. Anil kumar pankaj Assistant professor (HOD) M.Sc. and Ph.D. from T.M. Bhagalpur University Bhagalpur Organometallic Chemistry/ Organic Synthesis
  • International and national seminars
  • dozen of papers in International and national level journals
  • Fourteen years of experience of teaching

Other Technical Staff

Name Designation Qualification Area Of Research ACHIEVEMENTS
Mr. Ajay Kumar Lal . Lab Assistant M.Sc.

Chemistry Lab Beakers at VVITCurrent Activities

Chemistry Department organizes ...............................................................

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