The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering has the following well-equipped laboratories :

#  Basic Electronics Lab
This lab offers basic experiments in Basic Electronics and Solid State Physics Devices and Circuits. The Lab is equipped with

  • CROs from 10MHz to 50 MHz.
  • Function Generators
  • Trainer Kits for performing experiments on digital and analog circuits.
  • A number of electronic devices and components to design the circuits on bread board.

The lab has a well qualified supporting staff.

# Communication Engineering Lab
Communication Lab of the department has following sections.

  • Analog Communication
  • Digital Communication

The lab is equipped with a number of trainer kits, CROs and Function Generators t

# Microprocessor Lab
The Microprocessor lab is used by students to perform experiments based on 8085 microprocessor kits and peripheral boards.

# Analog Integrated Circuits Lab
This lab contains facilities to conduct experimental work related to Bipolar and  Analog Integrated Circuits, Linear integrated Circuits.

# Digital Signal Processing Lab 

The lab is used for practical works related to Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing and their applications. Students learn about various DSP algorithms like MATLAb and SCILAB and Digital Signal Processors.