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The Department of English at Vidya Vihar Institute of Technology studies and teaches Communicative English. We are known for our broad view of discipline, and understand the significance of the language in the global perspective.

Here the study includes all the ways in which texts have been produced, re-produced, circulated, and read, along with the modes of classification and the definitions of enjoyment used to understand them. The scholarly methods we employ, and in which we train our students, include close reading, historical and archival research and the use of Language Lab

Soft Skills Training at VVIT

The Department aims to help deepen students’ insights into their own experience and to develop their ability to express their ideas orally and in writing. Moreover the Department has designed a special syllabus of its own to develop fundamental writing skills, powers of argument and analysis.

It concentrates on the purposes, functions and varieties of human communication, including a wide range of theories and practices of communication from interpersonal to mass media.

We try to teach everything as activities and motivate students in Lab sessions by conducting classes on “Personality Development”, “Interpersonal Skills” and “Soft Skills” which are essential factors to mould them into a perfect professional.


Economy requires engineering managers to oversee projects, project design and development operations. They have to create strategic plans,handle budgets, costand financing as well as interface with marketing plans. Engineering managers are expected to enter a career field that brings together technological problem solvingand decision making skills of engineering along the organizational and planning capabilities of business.

The vision of VVIT, Purina is to make students aware with VERY VERY IMPORTANT TECHNOLOGY.

The curriculumtaught in the institute develops studentsinto anEngineering managerand nurture their total skills.
Total Skill refers to three skills as elaborated below

Soft Skills Training at VVIT

  • (a)Technical skill: The knowledge and abilities to accomplish engineering,scientific or computer related duties.Technical skill is being taught in VVIT through different branches:
    • (b)Human Resource Managementskills:Allocating human resources among projects or business units maximizing the utilization of available personnel to accomplish organizational goals. This category of skill also enhances the ability to interact efficiently with people. The value of all the resources depreciates as long as we use it but the value(skill) of human resource increases with experience.
    • (c) Conceptual skills: The ability to think creatively about plan, analyse and understand complicated and abstract idea.Conceptual skill of a manager is the ability of the manager to visualize the organization as a whole,discern interrelationship and understand how the organisation fits into the present society.

    VVIT is affiliated to“Aryabhatta Knowledge University, PATNA” we impart knowledge about

    • (i) Personnel Management andIndustrial Relations(PMIR) : We teach how to manage Human resources .We make themaware about the industrial relations between employer, employeeand government.
    • (ii) OrganizationalBehaviourand Industrial Psychology (OBIP): We teach about the behaviour of personnel at work place.
    • (iii) Industrial Economics& Accounting (IEA): We teach how to select a cost effective project and how to maximize satisfaction with scarce means.

    Faculty Profiles English

    Name Qualification Area Of Research ACHIEVEMENTS
    Mrs Preya Kumari
  • B.A in functional English (st.xavier's college Ranchi)
  • M.A in linguistics (Banaras Hindu University)
    • Language teaching
    • Barriers of second language learning.
    3 Years Experience.

    Faculty Profiles Management

    Name Qualification Area Of Research ACHIEVEMENTS
    Er. Navin Thakur
    Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh M.B.A. UGC NET qualified (Subject : MANAGEMENT)

Soft Skills Training at VVITCurrent Activities

Humanities and Management Department organizes ...............................................................

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